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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jim Crow, Silicon Valley, Google, Apple and Yahoo

Jill over at Jack and Jill Politics is addressing the new Jim Crow in Silicon Valley or as she has titled her post, "Google, Apple, Yahoo = The New Jim Crow in Silicon Valley."

Jill has a video on her blog in which she is confronting Eric Schmidt publicly during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  (OK, you remember the 2008 Democratic National Convention in which black bloggers from all walks of life, came together to demand that the DNC invite and credential more black bloggers.) Well, get this, at the Big Tent’s Digg Stage during a talk on the Internet and Politics. Jill says Eric Schmidt gave the lamest of answers to her questions about Google’s hiring practices and lack of diversity

AAP says: I'm glad that Jill is staying on top of the topic. 

Let's do a Silicon Valley Jim Crow Flashback to March 2008, when the blog, BlackWeb2.0 wrote: Dear Google, hire more Blacks. 

In that post, it was noted that Valleywag reported that Laszlo Bock, Google’s vice president of people operations, assured members of Congress last June that Google, which was lobbying for more H1-B visas for immigrant workers, had plenty of black employees. “We have a very strong internal Black Googler Network,” he said. “We actually view it as our obligation to reach out to underrepresented communities in our industry, particularly women in engineering, particularly African-Americans. “How many [of Google's employees] are African-American?” asked Representative Maxine Waters. “I don’t actually have that data at my fingertips,” was Bock’s reply. “I apologize.” More HERE and HERE

Let's do a Silicon Valley Jim Crow Flash Forward February 2010: Now Jill at Jack and Jill Politics is pointing out in her post that President Barack Obama held a very exclusive dinner on February 18th with the top CEOs of Silicon Valley as reported on the Caucus, a gossipy post.

Jill went on to point out in her post:

"You know who’s NOT invited? Anyone who’s not white. Yes, see, that’s Silicon Valley’s dirty little Jim Crow secret. They have a terrible — and worsening! — record on hiring women and minorities. A record, btw, they’re working hard to keep quiet cuz it’s not a good look. The miracle of the tech sector, which Obama wishes to learn about to invigorate other industries, is only a miracle for some people. Minority leaders in the Bay Area staged a protest at the Googleplex today" More HERE and More HERE

Read more at Jack and Jill Politics regarding the lack of Diversity at Google and the new Jim Crow in Silicon Valley. 

You can also read more on minority leaders staging a protest at the Googleplex at Black Voices.

Minority Leaders Protest Lack of Blacks in Silicon Valley

Len Canty, Chairman of The Black Economic Council speaks at the Google campus on Feb. 10, 2011 in Mountain View, Calif. He and other protesters demanded that Google and 21 other Silicon Valley companies release their workforce diversity data and hire more minorities. (Dai Sugano/Mercury News)

From The Oakland Tribune (via The Root)

Also check out the Press Release from the Black Economic Council, which states:
On February 10th, the Black Economic Council, the Latino Business Chamber of Greater LA and the National Asian American Coalition will release its report to President Obama's new Job Czar and the Department of Justice (civil rights and antitrust) regarding their complaint against Google, Apple, HP, Oracle and Yahoo. The complaint (attached) states that these companies are violating their transparency policies and legal obligations by refusing to provide their EEO-1 reports relating to their lack of Black, Latino, Southeast Asian and women employees.

Further, on February 10th at 11:00 am, fifty minority leaders and individuals with employment complaints against Silicon Valley will hold a press conference urging immediate presidential and congressional action to (a) halt the H-1B visa program, (b) require all Silicon Valley companies to be transparent and release their EEO-1 reports, and (c) where appropriate, seek the delay and/or blocking of Silicon Valley mergers until all employment discrimination issues are resolved. Press conference at Google headquarters at 11:00 am.

Len Canty, Chairman of the Black Economic Council, said, "Any Silicon Valley company with less than five percent Black employees should be denied H-1B visa workers until the problem is resolved since the Black unemployment rate is 80 percent higher than that for whites."

Since up to half of some Silicon Valley companies overall employees are H-1B visa programs despite high domestic unemployment rates, the complaint urges the President's new Job Czar, GE's CEO Jeffrey Immelt, to provide a report to the President within 15 days as to the impact of the H-1B visa program on unemployed Americans.

The complaint also requests that the Department of Justice secure from the US Labor Department the release of all employment data from the 22 Silicon Valley companies, led by Google and Apple, that have refused to provide data. The employment data may demonstrate a "pattern and practice" of discrimination that could lead to either lawsuits and/or the slowing down of future acquisitions by these Silicon Valley companies.

UPDATE: As reported by MillBrae Patch and The Washington Post President Obama and Silicon Valley leaders held a private dinner last night at the home of John and Ann Doerr. The Washington Post reports, the President gathered ideas about creating jobs and educational opportunities from some of the Silicon Valley's most innovative thinkers. 

AAP says: "I wonder if the issues raised by the Black Economic Council, the Latino Business Chamber of Greater LA and the National Asian American Coalition  regarding civil rights and antitrust complaints against Google, Apple, HP, Oracle and Yahoo were part of the conversation. Judging from the pictures... NOT.  

Yes, President Obama gathered ideas about creating jobs and educational opportunities from some of the Silicon Valley's most innovative thinkers. But those most innovative thinkers are not thinking about, or doing anything to create diversity in the work place at Google, Apple, HP, Oracle and Yahoo."

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