Yes, Allen West the Republican Army veteran who came to Congress two years ago in the conservative Tea Party wave, fell short Tuesday. Beaten by his Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy -- but West  is not given up.  Get this, as reported by his favorite news outlet, Fox News, West reportedly filed at least two motions Wednesday in West Palm County and St. Lucie County for injunctions in order to conduct a recount of paper ballots and an examination of voting machines used in the contentious contest.

“This race is far from decided, and there is no rush to declare an outcome. Ensuring a fair and accurate counting of all ballots is of the utmost importance. This race is far from decided,” he said in a written statement.

West contends an early recount of early ballots in St. Lucie District by the county supervisor there had shifted his total vote count from a lead of 2,000 to a deficit of 2,400. He also says there “were other numerous disturbing irregularities” at the polls in St. Lucie, including doors to the polling places being locked right after polls had closed, “in direct violation of Florida law.”