About Me

Hello and welcome to my Blog
As you can see, I'm a former moderate-progressive Democrat, now a moderate-progressive registered Independent voter, blogger and blogtalk radio host. I have been recognized both nationally and internationally as an African American social and political blogger who talks about politics in laymens terms.

Yes, I'm a African American Baby Boomer who gives common sense independent African American political opinion to issue important to the African American communities. I call it the way I see it. Many times It may not be a popular opinion, and it probably won't be what negro civil rights groups, and so-called black leaders want to hear. Candidly I could give a royal crap if they agree or disagree.

I have had the opportunity of serving as a credentialed blogger at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. I support and voted for President Barack Obama, although I have been a critic of some of his political appointments and policies.

I appreciate you reading my blog. If you have thoughts or comments regarding a blog post, come on over to my Facebook Page to have a conversation.

You can contact me at AfricanAmericanPundit@gmail.com